Exploring the Portuguese M&A Market in 2024

by Sergio Artimenia
Portuguese M&A Market in 2024 Trends and Prospects

In 2024, Portugal’s M&A landscape exhibits remarkable resilience amidst global economic challenges. The previous year saw a surge in deals, particularly in small to mid-market segments. As we look forward, experts predict a sustained trajectory in these transactions, though larger deals hinge on declining interest rates.

let us make a deeper look into the M&A landscape of Portugal and try to make prediction for 2024.

Sergio Artimenia

Key sectors shining in this domain include Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT), renewable energy, and healthcare. This vibrancy stems from Portugal’s adaptive market dynamics and investor interest in innovative and sustainable ventures.

However, the market treads a path of cautious optimism, acknowledging the looming shadows of global geopolitical tensions and the growing significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations in investment decisions.

In conclusion, while Portugal’s M&A scene in 2024 is poised for growth, it remains sensitive to external economic and political influences. The focus on technology, sustainability, and healthcare mirrors global investment trends, reinforcing Portugal’s position as a dynamic player in the international market.

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